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History of .io games

The beginning of .io games happened on the 27th of April 2015 when young Brazilian developer, Matheus Valadares announced his newest game - The .io did not have much to do with the region it's assigned for (such as for UK, .ru for Russia, .eu for Europe) but instead it hinted of the io from programming which stands for input/output as his game had very simple controls. at the time of the release (2015) was the multiplayer and stripped down version of Spore's cell phase (released in 2008). In this phase, in the Spore game, bigger cells eat smaller cells in order to grow.

Matheus took this idea and using minimalist graphics turned it into a multiplayer game that could run in the browser. Instead of cells, players would use simple circles; the background was just a tiled paper and growing was linear. In time, the game had the addition of skins so people could play with circles that have memes inside them, celebrities, flags and more.

With the new skins,'s entertaining value increased so much that popular YouTubers started playing it (example: Russia being swallowed by Obama) and so the game's popularity skyrocketed.

A few of the popular YouTubers which played

  • PewDiePie
  • Wun Wun
  • Markiplier
  • FGTeeV
  • Jumbo

Every event that lead up to this point lead the the creation of a new industry: io games, and thus to the flood of .io games wanting a piece of the popularity newly bestowed upon this genre of games.

Popular .io games

New .io games appear almost daily, but quantity is not always better than quality which is why just a few games did reach the top of popularity. Even so, being a popular game might not always mean that every player likes it as each person has its own unique tastes in entertainment. There are some games that adhere to the hyper casual players just wanting to waste a few minutes while waiting for the bus, games such as or and there are more serious games which can take longer to get into such as ( and

What does io stand in io games

In programming, io stands for input / output: you press a key and you see something happening on the screen. The notion gets a bit more complicated when there is a server to handle and transmit commands: you press a key, the server gets the information, it processes the information and sends you back the result, and thus you see something happening on the screen.

The .io domain name started with and his developer, Matheus Valadares. Even though the .io domain is supposed to be registered for British Indian Ocean Territory websites, Matheus did not have many options back then for choosing a unique name. Meanwhile, a lot of domain extension names appeared such as .game, .games or .app. Matheus was just too far ahead of his time.