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Zombs is an amazing multiplayer io game with marvelous battle royale gameplay. It is inspired by games like PUBG, Fortnite, and Apex Legends. The goal is to be the last man standing amongst hundreds of other players online.


Zombs Royale is a battle royale game in which you get parachuted down on the ground with another 99 players. You must gather weapons, health packs and potions and kill every other player in the battlefield to remain the sole survivor of Zombs Royale! How long can you survive?

Getting equipment is done by destroying crates on the field. You then walk over them and press E to loot. They will go in the current slot, so if you are holding a weapon from slot 1 and try to loot another one, it will replace your current slot 1 weapon.

Game modes

Zombs Royale features 3 games modes available. Even though it started off with only one, the solo mode, the game developers quickly noticed that people want to play with another or more friends.


The Solo Mode is a game mode where you play on your own. It's just you against a sea of other players, free for all, everyone fighting to survive the longest.


Got a friend you want to play with? Make a party and play the Duo Mode! It's you and your friend against the army of players trying to get the first spot in the leaderboard.


Already have a few friends that you wanna play with? Or maybe a clan? Squad Mode is for you! Assemble your killer party and own the battlefield. Make tactics and coordinate attacks. Overwhelming other players by sheer number is the key to reaching Number #1.

Zombs Royale is a great 2D free battle royale browser game like Fortnight, PUBG, and Apex Legends.
Killing people in Zombs Royale


You move your character with the WASD or Arrow Keys.

  • Keys 1 to 6 or mouse scroll will change your weapons.
  • Key E to use an item.
  • Left mouse button shoots the currently equipped weapon.


  • Your landing location should be chosen carefully. If you see a lot of players parachuting all at once try to avoid that area and let them kill each other.
  • Try to loot as fast as possible by spamming E if another player is close by, otherwise he might steal your loot!
  • Constantly moving gives you a higher chance to dodge bullets. Try to be unpredictable.


Zombs Royale was developed by Yang and Jeremiah under the name End Game which also developed the famous .io games and

Game updates & patch notes

Version 08.Aug.2019

  • Space Base was replaced by Bo Beach bringing new buildings to loot.
  • The trident was removed.
  • Silenced SMG and Silenced Pistol added as new weapons

Version 21.Jun.2019

  • Gassy Grenade was added, similar to the Smoke Grenade but more dangerous. Great for fighting in buildings in end game.

Version 25.May.2019

  • Mystic Forest New Season is now live.


Mobile stores and other platforms

Zombs is a mobile friendly game for people to enjoy it no matter their devices. Find it on your favorite store using the buttons below: apple store download link google play store download link