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About WinterSmash

WinterSmash is a physics Xmas game in which you must help Santa Clause exit North Pole to deliver the long awaited presents. It's a mobile friendly game that plays in your browser.


Santa Clause always gets in trouble when Xmas is near. This year he got stuck on his way to deliver presents. Help Santa Clause land safely on the floor by destroying the obstacles under him and summoning reindeer to "help".

WinterSmash is based on physics so every small movement will have big repercussions. There are 2 cage keys on the left and right side of the screen. Using those will summon a ... less than loyal reindeer to help you. The reindeer come flying fast so they might as well knock Santa off the platforms. You can however use them as sacrifice to complete the level instantly. Santa is no nice man.

Successfully complete a level will reward you with more reindeer to use or sacrifice.

WinterSmash is an Xmas game about helping Santa Clause to deliver presents
Reindeer helping Santa Clause


You destroy the obstacles by clicking or tapping them. There is a small cooldown when doing so.

Clickinig or tapping one of the keys in the bottom right and left corner will summmon a reindeer that will try to help. Clicking / tapping on it will make him disappear.


    • To get a lot of reindeer you can farm the randomly generated maps.
    • The map splits in two every now and then to help people that get stuck on one side.
    • Dismissing and summoning reindeer properly can help a lot.


    User feedback is very important game development and the developers of WinterSmash, JeFawk Games would love to hear you out here.

    Version 1.6.8

    • Replaced the fonts to make them more readable.
    • The custom maps must now be sent to JeFawk Games on their Discord server in order to be tested and implemented.