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SnowHeroes is a winter io game about snowballs and how large they can get in the hands of skillful players just like you! If you played the popular game then you're sure to master!

Roll on the snow, sprint and dodge, avoid bigger snowballs as you slowly grow out of proportions.


In the goal is to get your small snowball and grow it so big that you would need to buy a bigger screen just to see it! Growing your snowball is easy, you just need to collect orbs and bump into other players with smaller snowballs and thus, defeat them.

By playing you are rewarded with coins which can be used to unlock cool skins for your snowball. There are over 20 skins to collect, how many can you get?

A peak preview of just a few skins available to unlock in is an io game about snowballs growing out of control.
There are over 20 skins to unlock in SnowHeroes. How many can you collect?
Do you like cats? Well in SnowHeroes you can roll as one!


Your snowball follows the mouse cursor to move around.

  • Left mouse button activates the Sprint at the expense of your Energy.
  • Right mouse button performs a jump to escape danger or catch other players fast, however it has a cooldown.


  • Big orbs increase your size but defeating other players does so much better.
  • At the beginning when you're small it's better to focus on orbs rather than defeating other players.
  • Use the jump (Right Mouse Button) wise as the cooldown can prove to be fatal.
  • Don't be afraid to use your Energy to sprint away, better to run away than to die.


Night Steed Games studio are the developers behind the addicting They're great at making extremely polished addicting io games such as the famous where you are in control of a warrior and you must fight your way through the arena to evolve into the biggest Champion to have ever set foot in the battlefield. Another great io game they made is the savage In you play as a pathetic pleb but with hard work and skill you become the most Bloodthirsty Barbarian in the game.
A nice mix of and is their other game, This game is more about gathering loot and equipment to make your character stronger. It has 8 classes and a lot of customizations.

In a cuter and friendlier way, Night Steed Games created which is an io game about magical creatures called Chompers, devourers of treats, and, an io game about exploring the depths of the oceans with your mythical dragon which grows out of proportions just like in


How big did you manage to get in Did you enjoy it? Maybe you didn't :( ? Whatever your thoughts are, Night Steed Games would love to hear you out. You can send them a message here.

Game updates & patch notes

Update #10 (26.Nov.2019)

  • has been globally released!

Update #9 (20.Nov.2019)

  • 8 more skins have been added.

Update #8 (15.Nov.2019)

  • Orbs have been adjusted to increase the size more (more mass).

Update #7 (13.Nov.2019)

  • New music has been added.
  • The music's volume has been adjusted.