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If you played games like, or then is a game for you! Just like in the other games, in you grow out of control and defeat other players with that extra mile. is a worm / like game where you play as one of the mythical creates of the sea - a sea dragon. All the legends about the Loch Ness Monster, the Kraken, Atlantis do have some truth in them and in you too can play with one of these monsters.


In you can grow 5 times bigger than your screen.
A huge tangled SeaDragon

The goal in is to grow your dragon into the longest sea creature that has ever roamed the waters. You do that by eating fish and underwater orbs.

When your SeaDragon grows, his mass (weight) increases, and he gets longer. Using the Sprint (Left Mouse Button) your dragon increases in speed but slowly loses Mass as sprinting is tiresome.

Since this is an io game you have other players around. In order to defeat them you must move your dragon in a way that they hit your tail. A strategy for this is to sprint when you're next to them and dash towards them. This however will not work against much bigger dragons so pick your targets carefully.

The biggest feature of are the cards available in the game. These cards are the only way to collect new dragons and their variations. The cards get unlocked by spending Pearls and leveling up.


In order to advance faster you can complete quests in On the top left side of the screen you will see the requirements to complete tasks which will reward you with Experience, coins and more.


Your SeaDragon follows the mouse cursor to move around the deadly waters.

  • Right mouse button activates the Sprint which you can use to avoid danger or catch another player in your trap.


  • At low levels focus on eating fish and underwater orbs.
  • It is more efficient to focus on doing quests more than anything.
  • Disabling your adblock gives you way more Experience and more cards.
  • The game has a daily login reward, be sure to come back each day to get more loot.

Developer was developed by the Night Steed Games studio. They also developed the popular game in which you must evolve your hero and defeat other players with your newly acquired weapons. They are also the developers behind, the most savage io game ever created. In you take control of a small warrior and go about slaughtering everything and everyone in your path, levelin up, get loot and become the most Savage Barbarian of the arena. One of their more cute games is which is a cute io game about magical creatures called Chompers, devourers of treats.

Another great game made by Night Steed Games is, an arena fighting io game with 8 classes to unlock, over 40 armor equipment pieces to collect and extravagant chests to pillage.


How long did you manage to get in How was it? Did you love it? Did you hate it? Night Steed Games would love to hear you out, after all, a game gets better only with player's feedback. Why don't you drop them a message here.

Game updates & patch notes

Update #8 (23.Oct.2019)

  • Fixed an issue with the daily rewards.

Update #7 (22.Oct.2019)

  • New music added.
  • Fixed a problem with the tail animations.

Update #6 (19.Oct.2019)

  • The initial loading time has been significantly improved.
  • Fins animations improved.
  • Increased the amount of free gold and free gems.
  • Limited timed offers added.