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Salvage Guns

About Salvage Guns

Salvage Guns is a tank io game where you upgrade your tank, defeat players and salvage their wreckages showing them who's boss.


Salvage Guns is a free for all tank io game that plays directly in your browser. The goal of the game is to defeat as many players as possible, getting rich while doing so. Once an enemy is defeated he will drop Salvage Parts which award you with Money when collected.

With enough Money you can buy different types of vehicles and upgrades along with their customizations.


There are two types of vehicles in Salvage Guns: tanks and trucks.

Tanks are used for fighting and with the amount of enemies available, combat will not be lacking. There are three types of tanks available:

  • Light Tank: small, very agile but vulnerable. This tank is great for shoot and run or sniping strategies.
  • Medium Tank: the default starting tank, decent HP, agility and speed but not excelling at anything in particular.
  • Heavy Tank: the slow killing machine. This huge tank has enormous HP but the slow speed and big size can be a downside.

Trucks are used for collecting resources such as Oil Barrels. Just as tanks, three types of trucks are available:

  • Light Truck: the default truck you start with; a pretty fast vehicle but without much Health.
  • Medium Truck: the improved version of the Light Truck.
  • Truck with Turret: this is a hybrid between a tank and a truck. It's the slowest of trucks but it has a turret for combat.

Gathering Salvage Parts awards you with Experience and Money. When your Experience bar is full you gain a Renown Rank which is used for unlocking vehicles, customizations, and skins.


Salvage Guns is a tank io game where you customize your own tank and defeat other players
Medium Tank AI and Big Mama

You will find both players and AI throughout the map. The AI can be spotted by the red Health bar and is as following:

  • Medium Tanks: these tanks spawn all around and usually do not chase you. They can be easily defeated since their movement can be anticipated.
  • Sentries: these stationary turrets protect spots on the map which have a lot of resources.
  • ChoCho Train: in the middle of the map an armored and weaponized train goes by from one side to the other. Shooting it will drop Salvage Parts, however it is recommended to use a turret with long range since the train shoots back.
  • Big Mama: this is the tank Boss which roams around the map. Gather more people to try and defeat it, alone you will most likely fail.


You move your vehicle using the WASD or arrow keys. The mouse is used for aiming when shooting.

There is also the option in the menu screen to change the controls. One option is for the vehicle to move in the direction where you press while the second option will make the vehicle steer towards it.

  • WASD / Arrow key - moves your vehicle.
  • Left mouse button - shoots with the turret.


  • Collecting Oil Barrels with the trucks is a fast way of leveling up and getting Money but you are stuck with just running away from danger.
  • Attacking the train from far away can get you a lot of Salvage Parts.
  • Collecting Salvage Parts heals you.


JeFawk Games the developers of Salvage Guns would be very happy to hear about player's feedback. If you have an idea, a suggestion or a bug report you can contact them here.

Game updates & patch notes

Version 1.2.13

  • UI elements adjusted to be more readable.
  • Chat removed from the vehicle selection menu to avoid clutter.
  • Change log was removed to avoid clutter.
  • Fixed a bug with the AI bullets.
  • Fixed a bug with the AI Sentries.
  • Fixed other minor bugs.