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About or Nightwalkers is a zombie survival game where the goal is to survive the longest time possible while fighting with other people for the top of the leaderboard. Team up with your friends and fight waves after waves of zombies. Build your defences and kill the biggest Zombies around - the Tentacle Zombie.
Find and craft new weapons able to kill hordes of zombies.


The game is easy to play and hard to master. There are several mechanics the player needs to pay attention to: Noise, Building, Resources, Leveling and the infamous Apocalypses.


After the player reaches Level 2, the Noise mechanic comes into play. On the left hand side of the screen there is a Noise Meter frame which fills up the more noise you make (by shooting and walking). Once the Noise Meter fills up, nearby zombies will try to catch and kill you.

Standing still will make the Noise Meter go down; also after a higher level the player is rewarded with Silent Boots which do not create Noise when walking.

Leveling up also increase the amount of Noise the player makes so the game never gets boring.


Building is an important part of! The player meeds to build a base in order to defend himself from the waves of Zombies.

The Building menu is accessed by pressing the E or B key on the keyboard.

The buildings have a Limit which the player cannot build above. This Limit is based on the player's Level. The higher the Level, the higher the Limit.

Buildings and their uses
  • Bear Trap - these traps damage and trap zombies (apart from the Tentacle Zombie); the trap opens up again after killing a zombie.
  • Wooden Fence - a wall which is used for stopping Zombies; any Zombie that faces a wall will start attacking it and will slowly destroy it.
  • Spike Trap - these traps damage any zombie walking over them. It's a good idea to put them in front of walls.
  • Flame Turret - a turret which shoots fire in a cone attack, great for killing a lot of zombies at the same time; the turret is vulnerable so putting Wooden Fences around it is a good idea.
  • Oil Spill - this oil leak slows down any zombie trying to cross it. A good strategy is to place them in front or on top of Spike Traps so Zombies spend more time over the traps.
  • Crafting Table - this table is unlocked at a high Level. Right clicking it with the mouse will open the crafting menu where any player player can craft Machineguns and Crossbows. This building is quite expensive but anybody can use it, so a good tip is to group up with other people and build only one.


There are 3 types of resources in the game which are needed for building: has 3 types of resources which are used for building:

  • circuit board resourceCircuit Boards
  • metal resourceMetal
  • wood resourceWood has a hardcore button which spawns Zombies
The Hardcore button which summons waves

If the Hardcore button is used there is a chance that a random amount of all 3 drop, however, a zombie Apocalypse is triggered so stay alert and defend your base.

On the right side of the bottom bar there is a Hardcore button that when clicked has a chance to create a random amount of resources (and weapons for that matter, however, the downside of this is that an Apocalypse will trigger. circuit board resourceCircuit Boards

Circuit Boards can be gathered by damaging lamp posts. Shooting lamp posts will sometimes make them drop a Circuit Board as well as a handful of Metal. metal resourceMetal

Damaging trash cans and lamp posts will create the Metal resource. This is mostly used in building Bear Traps especially since the Limit for this building si high. wood resourceWood

Wood is acquired by shooting benches and crates. It's used the most to create Wooden Fences. Even though the Crafting Bench and the Flame Turret use more Wood than a Fence, the limit for the fences is greatly increased, after all it's your first way of stopping the zombie horde so don't be shy of spamming them.

The Wood resource is acquired by damaging crates and benches. It's mostly used to create Wooden Fences and since the walls are so important, large quantities of Wood is needed.

Leveling up in has unlimited levels
Player leveling up and level perks

The main way of progressing through the game is by Leveling Up just like in any other RPG game.

Killing Zombies and gathering Resources awards the player with Experience. Since is a co-op browser game, the Experience is also shared throughout the map. Certain activites done by other people will award you with a small amount of Experience too.

Leveling Up awards the player with Resources, Health Packs, and Weapons. It increases the Limits for buildings and unlocks for the player some other bonuses such as zooming out using the Laser Sight, not making any Noise while walking using the Silent Boots, etc.

The Apocalypse

After the player gains a few levels there will be Apocalypses happening. When that hapens, on the top side of the screen a timer will appear showing the number of seconds left until the Zombies will start appearing.


The player can move using the WASD or the Arrow keys on the keyboard. Aiming is done with the Mouse.

  • Left Mouse Button - uses the currently equiped Weapon to shoot or places the building currently selected.
  • Right Mouse Button - when clicked over a Crafting Table the crafting menu will open; if not clicked over a table it will exit the building mode and equip a weapon.
  • Key B and Key E - opens the building menu.
  • Spacebar - if the player is damaged, a Health Pack will be used to heal him.
  • Keys 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 will equip the weapons which have been looted and are now on the action bar on the bottom of the screen.


  • Gathering Resources awards the player with Experience so it's a good idea to gather as much as possible before the Apocalypses start.
  • Teaming up with people will greatly increase your chances of survival.
  • Protect your base with Wooden Fence; put Flame Turrets inside, traps and oil outside.
  • Having a lot of Bear Traps will allow you to focus on the bigger and more dangerous enemies around.
  • The Hardcore button can help a lot but only if your base is strong enough to handle the fast Apocalypse.

Contact the developer

The developer of would love feedback and ideas from players! You can write him a short (or very long!) message here.

Game updates & patch notes

Version 5.1

  • The Crossbow was added as a new weapon in celebration for the release of our newest: CastleWars. The Crossbow's bolt does decent damage, impales his targets and slows them down (apart from the Tentacle Zombie). It can be crafted using the Crafting Table.
  • Login rewards have been added.
  • Minor optimizations and bug fixes.