About MiniGiants.io

MiniGiants.io is a fast paced action io game about small but cunning mages, big and strong warriors and fierce, untamed beasts but most importantly: loot!

The goal of the game is to unluck all the classes and equip them with the best loot you can find so that when you're done nobody in the arena can challenge you.


MiniGiants.io is centered around classes, equipment, leveling up and growing. The more you play, the more classes you unlock along with equipment such as Weapons, Armor, Rings and Amulets. Leveling up a class gives you experience in the Arena as well as outside of it.

The Arena Experience increases the size of your Giant allowing you to reach other people from further away but it also decreases your movement speed.

The other type of Experience, the account Experience is useful for unlocking other classes.

MiniGiants.io starts with a Daily Reward Wheel. Press the Stop button for the wheel to stop spinning and see if you were lucky enough to get the Legendary Chest.



There are 8 classes to unlock in MiniGiants.io, each with its own unique playstyle, weaknesses and strengths. Can you unlock them all?

The Barbarian class in MiniGiants.io is the default class everybody can play with. He has 50% more stamina than other classes.

The Barbarian is the first class and is unlocked by default for new players to play with. The advantage of playing with a Barbarian is the 50% more Stamina which means you can Sprint for way longer. This class is great for beginners since the Sprint allows you to escape danger quite fast.

In MiniGiants.io you can unlock the Tank class. The Tank has 50% more armor than other classes making it great survival.

The Tank is the second class to unlock in MiniGiants.io. He has 50% more armor so it's a great choice if you like to take hits and survive.

The Fairy class is a battle mage type in MiniGiants.io with 25% more health and 25% more damage.

The Fairy is a Battle Mage class in MiniGiants.io. The 25% Health and 25% Stamina allows her to close range enough for her spells to hit the unlucky opponents.

The Amazon is a ranged class in MiniGiants.io. Players that like some range will love playing with the Amazon.

After unlocking the Fairy class, the Amazon class can be unlocked.

The Amazon are a short ranged Assassin class with 25% more Damage and 25% more stamina. The Stamina part allows them to quickly exit combat if it becomes too dangerous.

The Necromancer is an all around class as he has a bonus of 20% to all stats.

The Necromancer is the best all-around class in MiniGiants. His bonus is 20% to every stat making him the Jack of all trades but master of none.

The Mage class has 50% more damage than other classes making him squishy but deadly as an assassin.

The Mage is an Assassin type of class. His range and damage obliterates his foes with the downside of being squishy. A true glass cannon.

The Cleric has 50% increased Health and some decent range, a great class for surviving range and melee attackers.

The Cleric is a ranged tank class having 50% more Health than other classes and also ranged attacks.

The Beast is the last unlockable class in MiniGiants.io and probably one of the best. It heals from the damage it deals for 5% meaning it can sustain itself in battles.

The Beast is the last class to unlock in MiniGiants.io. He has 5% Lifesteal meaning that he heals for 5% of the damage he inflicts. This makes him amazing at surviving.


In MiniGiants.io there is a lot of equipment to collect and use. Once you loot some gear be sure to equip it on your favorite character.

Equipment slots:

  • Helmet
  • Chestplate
  • Gloves
  • Amulet
  • Weapon
  • Ring


Your Giants moves following the Mouse Cursor.

  • Left mouse button is used to swing your weapon and attack.
  • Right mouse button activates the Sprint to flee from danger and come back to fight another day.


  • At low levels focus on just leveling up and avoiding combat.
  • Shiny rocks grant experience when collected.
  • When an enemy is defeated he will sometimes drop a chest. Be on the lookout for these chests as great riches await you!


MiniGiants.io was developed by Night Steed Games which also developed the famous EvoWars.io, the game about evolving your hero and defeating every other player in the arena. They also developed BrutalMania.io which is the most savage io game ever made. In BrutalMania.io you take control of a peasant and slaughter other players to Level up and become the Mightiest Barbarian in the realm. One of their latest games was Chompers.io which is a fun and cute io game about Chompers, magical creatures that want to devour treats all the time.


How was MiniGiants.io? Got any ideas on how to improve it? Or maybe you found an annoying bug. Night Steed Games would love to talk to you, why don't you drop them a line here?

Game updates & patch notes

Version 1.0.18 (15.May.2018)

  • New revival system added.
  • Polished certain systems more.
  • Certain items and graphics tweaked.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Version 1.0.10 (18.Jan.2018)

  • iOS version available in the store.
  • Some tweaks on items and graphics.
  • Cross-promotion system improved.
  • Fixed some minor bugs.