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Little Big Snake

About Little Big Snake

Little Big Snake is an io game inspired by the popular game The goal of the game is to take your small snake and eat energy left off by other defeated players until you grow large enough to be the longest snake in the game.


Wiggle your way through the competing players and their snakes. Increase your reflexes and hone your strategy to destroy the others but if you got killed, don't worry! There are a few ways to get revived and if that doesn't work out you can reincarnate into a flying lady bug to continue increasing your score.

The more you play the stronger you get even if your snake's size gets reset after each death. This is because of the Evolutions that grants you different bonuses to your reptile.

The best feature about Little Big Snake is that you can set your snake to wander around on its own by pressing the Auto button in the bottom right corner or the A key on your keyboard. He's a pretty good survivor and at the end of the day he'll probably gather some Experience and other goodies all by himself so Little Big Snake can be played as an idle game, however if your snake dies you will have to navigate through the menus back into the game.

The game can also be played co-op with friends so gather your clan and go defeat everybody to show them who's boss!


The game awards you with gems for playing which come in the form of chests, however, you can also purchase them with money if you're feeling generous enough to support the developers.

Gems can help you unlock skins and can also be traded in for Gold which is used to unlock Evolutions.

Little Big Snake is an io game like where you level up your snake and unlock all the other 71 snakes available.
Tiny snake vs huge snake player


The mouse controls the movement of the snake or the flying lady bug.

  • Left mouse button - starts sprinting as a snake or starts flying as the lady bug.


  • If you have other things to do you can just make the game window small and put your snake on Auto, he will handle it pretty well and you just need to check the loot at the end.
  • The bigger you are, the slower you get.
  • Most big snakes won't bother too much if you're small, but once you become a threat you might be targeted.

Game updates & patch notes


  • A new mode added - Observer. This allows you to spy on your enemies or watch a friend's game in real time.
  • New Legendary skins added.
  • Mobile versions live, both in the Google Play Store and in the Apple Store.
  • New smiles added, as well as brighter highlights for friends and more.


Mobile stores and other platforms

Little Big Snake can be found on the mobile stores too so you can play it on the go wherever you are. apple store download link google play store download link