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In Mexico Royale

About In Mexico Royale

In Mexico Royale is a survival battle royale game. The goal is to survive the longest while crossing the border between Mexico and America.


In Mexico Royale you need to balance Money and Hunger and survive the longest. Gathering and eating food will increase the Hunger bar while lowering the Money one (food is not cheap). To counter this you must cross the border to America where you can collect Money.

At the end of the game you will be awarded with Experience based on the distance you ran. Gaining enough Experience levels you up and you get to unlock other classes.

In Mexico Royale is a survival battle royale game about balancing Money and Hunger.
Player collecting food


The controls are basic: any tap or mouse click will make your character jump.

On the bottom left and right corner of the screen 2 buttons can be found: one is for jumping and the other is for sprinting in case you want to compete with other people in the leaderboard.


  • Sprinting will help you to catch up with other players but at low levels it's not really needed, you should just conserve your Hunger and Money to get big rewards at the end and level up faster.
  • Different characters have different abilities, choose one that fits your game style.


In Mexico Royale was developed by JeFawk Games, developers which announced us that they would be very happy to accept feedback from their playerbase so don't be shy and drop them a line here about the game.