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About is a fast and fun io game set in a fantasy arena in which you take control of a small warrior and evolve him up until you become the most brutal King there is. Slay enemies with your mighty weapon as you fight your way through the ranks. For every enemy you defeat your might increases giving you an advantage above the noobs.

Running away is a valid strategy as the cowardly opponents can outnumber you. Retreat using the Dash ability and come back in full force to obliterate the wimps with your huge weapon!

Swing your sword with full force and defeat player after player. Do you have what it takes to evolve into the Mightiest Champion in the Arena?

Gameplay is an io game which relies on reflexes and strategy. Time your attacks and dashes to defeat other players but also know when you must retreat to regain your strength. is a fast paced arena io game where you evolve your warrior into the mightiest Champion. mighty arena Champion


The character's movement is controled with the mouse.

  • Left mouse button to attack.
  • Right mouse button to dash away from danger.


  • Dashing can also be used to attack as you can catch up with enemies running away in fear.
  • Try to ambush other players when they're already busy fighting.
  • You can gather colorful gems when the enemies are too dangerous.

Developer was developed by Night Steed Games, the renowned io game studio which also created


Did you enjoy You can help it get better! The developer of, Night Steed games would love to hear you out. Drop them a message here.

Game updates & patch notes

Version 1.6.0 (11.Jan.2019)

  • New evolution: Warlord
  • Minor fixes

Version 1.5.0 (21.Nov.2019)

  • New evolution: Dark Night
  • Some minor fixes

Version 1.4.24 (10.Mar.2019)

  • Fixed some performance issues
  • Weapon collisions fixed
  • Other minor fixes