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About Dragz

Dragz is an io game about dragons, thunderbirds and other mythical creatures. It won 2nd place in the io Global Game Jam in 2018.

Collect Crystals to charge your attack and shield or dash away to escape danger. Along with your friends you can try defeating the crystal boss from within the volcano: Crysturl.


In Dragz the goal is to Level up your Dragon or Thunderbird and defeat other players or the boss, Crysturl. By collecting Crystals, defeating other players or Crysturl you gain Experience which in turn Levels you up.

Dragz io game where you play as a Dragon or a Thunderbird
A Dragon gathering Crystals


The controls are basic, your selected Dragon or Thunderbird follows the mouse cursor.

  • Left mouse button - shoots spells to attack
  • Right mouse button - the Dragon dashes / the Thunderbird shields


  • Low levels should focus on collecting Crystals and staying away from danger.
  • Do not try to defeat Crysturl alone, instead gather some friends.
  • The Chickens are more dangerous than they look.


The developers of Dragz, JeFawk Games, would love to hear your feedback on this game jam io game. You can contact them here.

Game updates & patch notes

Version 1.5.0

  • The Crystal Lord has been added. He is located in the middle of the map in the volcano. He spins around and shoots crystal projectiles all around. He also deals damage on collision and a party is recommended for defeating him.

Version 1.7.4

  • Adjusted chicken HP and damage.
  • Fixed a bug regarding the chickens.