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About is a cute browser io game about evolving and becoming the biggest cute creature in the game. Your creature loves eating apples but also taking small bites out of other creatures. Level up and evolve, gain abilities and beat the other players in the ladder and in the World Record!


In the goal is to eat, bite others and evolve to become the biggest creature in the game. You can spot the biggest and most dangerous but also slightly cute creatur by the red crown has a ranking system in which the best player is awarded with a crown next to his nickname. on the minimap, so better to stay away!


Eating fruits is easy, just walk your creature over them and they will gladly nom nom. Other creatures like rats and frogs are harder to catch but not impossible. Players on the other hand are much harder to bite through. Your creature must bite players from their behind or from their side. Face to face combat only pushes both creatures away without damaing them.

Evolutions and skills is a fun io game where you can evolve into a tiger animal.
Tiger evolution

Eating fruits, biting different things (players, rats, frogs, etc.) grant you Experience which is used to evolve into a different creature. When this happens you can select a new ability to use. Here are just a few: is an io game with a leap ability where you can dash out of danger when other bigger players are nearby.
Leaps out of danger
In you can burrow underground to pounce on unsuspecting players.
Burrows underground
You can stalk other players in in wait for the perfect moment to ambush them.
Hides in a bush
Flying is an ability in which helps the creature escape dangerous situations.
Spreads his wings and flies for a bit
You can charge across the map by using the Charge ability.
Charges enraged
The harder you roar the more players around you get scared.
Roars scaring other creatures
Stomp stomp stomp and all your enemies are defeated.
Stomps nearby creatures
If you prefer to avoid combat in you can use the Pacify skill.
Makes nearby creatures stop attacking is a fun io game where you evolve your creature by eating fruits and biting other players.
Creature with flying skill


Your creature follows the mouse cursor at all times.

  • Q activates the 1st skill
  • R activates the 2nd skill
  • E activates the 3nd skill


  • Focus on eating fruits when you don't have enough skills to guarantee your escape.
  • Poison is great for face to face battles because you damage your opponent either way.
  • Use the spit to create puddles and slow down people either to escape or to catch them up.
  • Flying is a great way to escape everybody but be careful where you land.

Game updates & patch notes


  • Mobile versions are 90% finished, so they will be arriving soon!
  • Global Leaderboard added for people to compete for the World Record.
  • Foxy was nerfed.
  • Fixed an issue with the dust effect on the charge.
  • Font size for nicknames was decreased.


Mobile stores and other platforms is mobile friendly and currently available on the Google Play Store. google play store download link