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About is a fun arena io game about cute little magical creatures who crave for sweets. Always hungry and never bored! Help your Chomper grow by eating candy, fighting bugs and other funny Chompers.


In you play with a small magical creature called a "Chomper". Your goal is to help your Chomper become the biggest Chomper in the World!

Your Chomper will eat just about anything starting from candy to apples and bananas. Eating will make him bigger but slower. Once he's big enough he will evolve into a different Chomper.

Can you collect all the Chompers?

Chompers also fight bugs and fight each other but if you get defeated, don't worry! You're one click away from the fun again, and don't forget to use the Sprint (Right Mouse Button) next time to get away from danger.


In you have up 30 characters to unlock, each being an evolution of the previous one. Can you unlock all of them? is a fun io game with magical creatures called Chompers. This Chomper is named Algo.
Arena io game having the character named Boolbo.
Cochi is the cute character with green tongue in
Cucu is an electric Chomper in
If you like nature, Didi is the character for you to play in
In you can play with a bacteria-like character named Diof
Ebiv is a Chomper with Horns, however he does not charge with them in the cute io game
Eliv is the evolved Ebiv Chomper.
Looking like Mickey Mouse but in the world is a character called Fiffi.
Gally looks like a Chomper from outer space in, a funny io game.
With rainbow ears, Ginni can surely make some funny magic happen.
Jobbo is a pretty crazy Chomper, but he's alright.
Lugi is a more earthen Chomper.
Big, blue and with a black stripe, Meri looks like the scottish warrior of
Nadi is a yellow character which can be unlocked in
Oro is a bit of a fleshy Chomper.
The slimest Chomper is Osti but that doesn't make him disgusting or anything.
Paco is your friendly neighbor Chomper.
Pao is a red character you can play with in
Papi looks like an animal from the Chomper's world.
Pello is blue and cold, but not coldhearted.
A character to unlock in is Piqi who looks like he could be having a headache with all those things in his head.
Is it a pizza or a Chomper? Italian accent: It's a Pizzi!
Bread and Jam but as a playable character.
Qichi is a bit different from other Chompers but that doesn't mean he gets less love.
Remi is the default character in As players level up they can unlock other playable characters.
Rocci is hard on the outside but his heart is a soft as clouds. He's just a big teddy bear.
Tessi loves to carry Easter Eggs in this funny io game.
The most pink and friendliest Chomper is Vichi.
Vido is a mushroom Chomper ready to spread some fun spores.


Your Chomper follows the Mouse Cursor.

  • Left mouse button is used to attack other Chompers or bugs.
  • Right mouse button activates the Sprint which can be used to chase others or run away from danger.


  • At low levels focus on eating sweets and killing bugs.
  • Don't be afraid to use the Sprint because it recharges very fast.
  • Try to time your attack to hit other Chompers with the tip of your weapon for maximum safe distance.

Developer was developed by Night Steed Games which also developed the famous, the game about evolving your hero and defeating every other player in the arena. They also developed which is the most savage io game ever made. In you take control of a peasant and slaughter other players to Level up and become the Mightiest Barbarian in the realm.


Did you enjoy playing and taking care of your Chompers? Night Steed Games would love to hear from you! Drop them a line here.

Game updates & patch notes

Update #12 (17.Dec.2019)

  • The weapon size has been adjusted.
  • Fixed a bug with the Energy bar.

Update #11 (03.Dec.2019)

  • A bug was fixed regarding the Sprint.

Update #10 (19.Nov.2019)

  • The Bugs sounds had an issue which was fixed.