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About CastleWars

CastleWars is a Castle io game with tower defense mechanics. Build and upgrade your Castle and fly off to fight Drakes, Dragons, and other players.


Your Castle floats on a patch of terrain up in the sky. As the King, you must navigate it around the realm in order to collect Mana Orbs, attack Drakes, Dragons, and other players.

The Drakes and Dragons scale with the Level of your Castle so there's always a challenge.


CastleWars Castle with maximum level upgrades
Castle with maximum upgrades

Shooting accuracy and fast reflexes are needed to become the mightiest King of the Realm.

The arrows' speed is affected by how long the shot is charged as well as inertia. Moving and shooting is a good tactic for chasing down people because the arrows go further away than standing still. Each arrow type is unique and affects the gameplay in different ways so the player must change his strategy once he upgrades the projectiles.

145 upgrades can be unlocked in CastleWars which range from different Walls, Towers to Projectiles. Each time a player dies, half of those upgrades are lost.

There is no maximum level but above Level 145 there is nothing else to upgrade. Each Level provides the player with 1 Upgrade Point which can be used to upgrade from a small town-like Castle into the greatest Citadel from Hell itself!

Cosmetic unlocks are also available; most of them requiring a certain level. Players can choose between lush grassland, barren desert, undead summoning lair and Hell.


The controls are the simple arrow keys / WASD and mouse.

  • Left mouse button - charges up the attack which shoots projectiles towards the mouse cursor.
  • Right mouse button - starts sprinting which is used to escape danger; can help you escape dangerous situations; the higher the Castle's level, the slower it recharges.


  • Low level players should focus on collecting the floating Mana Orbs for XP.
  • The upgrade priority should be Towers and Projectiles and then Walls. Defense is great but the firepower can help a lot more.
  • The Sprint recharges very fast at low Levels (left mouse button).
  • Talking nice to other players can go a long way.


The CastleWars developers at JeFawk Games value your feedback. Send them a message here if you have any suggestions or bug reports, they'd love to hear from you!

Game updates & patch notes

Version 1.2.0

CastleWars tutorial showing the mouse controls
Mouse tutorial
  • At low Levels the base speed is faster to help new players escape faster.
  • At low Levels the Sprint recharges faster.
  • Nerfed Dragons and their spells.
  • Fixed some issues with the "Play Again button.
  • Sprinting will now leave a trail behind the player for more visual feedback.
  • The mouse controls now have a tutorial frame.

Version 1.1.4

  • Fixed an issue allowing Dragons to team up.
  • Projectiles can be shot by using the Spacebar key now.
  • Dragon's damage against players has been lowered.

Version 1.1.0

  • Server resets allow players to keep their Level points meaning players will automatically connect back as Level 1 but with as many upgrade points as their level was prior to the server reset.
  • Balanced XP gains and Dragons HP and damage.

Version 0.9.7 beta

  • Fixed an issue with certain Dragons not receiving any damage.
  • Fixed a bug causing the server to restart.
  • Fixed a bug where some situations could lead to the Dragons being exploited.
  • Levels now appear in the leaderboard.
  • Balanced Mana Orb spawns and the XP they reward the player with.
  • A text box for the code to acquire the Candy skin has been added. The code is on JeFawk Games Discord.