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Area 51 Battle Royale

About Area 51 Battle Royale

Area 51 Battle Royale is a free battle royale game that plays in your browser. The gameplay is a bit different than Fortnite, Apex Legends or PUBG but it does have Aliens and Government forces in the infamous Area 51 location as well as 5 playable classes.


In Area 51 Battle Royale the player fights to enter Area 51 and to save as many Aliens as possible. Saving Aliens awards the player with their favor (Reputation) which is used to level up. As he levels up he unlocks other classes to play. The end goal is to get the last class: Alien Bruh, a powerful Alien.

Area 51 Battle Royale game with the Alien Elite Class
Elite Class: Alien Bruh

The map has 2 important areas:

  • Area 51 yard where the player can find small Aliens which have little Reputation to award the player with.
  • Inside the Area 51 Base where the player can free larger Aliens for more Reputation.

Outside the Area 51 Base

By default the player spawns outside the Area 51 Base under the fire of guards positioned at the border between the yard and inside the base.

Small Aliens appear here waiting to be freed, however they not give too much Reputation compared to the ones trapped inside the Base.

This area is the safest, even though bullets come flying, the space is big enough for the player to dodge them.

Inside the Area 51 Base

The Area 51 Base can be found on the right side of the map guarded by 2 types of Government Forces:

  • Shielded Guards: Guards with big spiky shields that try to tackle the players damaging them
  • Sentries shooting at the players in the yard

Any player smart enough can get inside the Base. As the player approaches the Shielded Guards, these will try to tackle you. If you are playing with a fast class you can simply run around them once they aren't at their initial position. A tanky class such as the Jock or the Forum Troll can take the damage and still survive or you can team up with other people and assault the Base at the same time. They can't stop all of us!

Once inside the Area 51 base, Police Forces will try to capture the invading citizens and stop them from freeing the big Aliens.


Area 51 Battle Royale has 5 playable classes to unlock and choose from. Each character has its strengths and weaknesses.


Gets offended fast when no waifu is around and leaves.

This is the first class available. He is very agile running very fast but the disadvantage is his low Health Points (200HP). The Weeb is great for farming Aliens outside the Base.


Requires Level 3.

Big but lacks agility because of all the muscles.

The first tanking class available: has a lot of HP but his running speed is slow. This is why going inside the Area 51 Base is not a great idea as the Police captures him fast.


Requires Level 5.

Can go undetected for a short period of time.

The Anonymous is the stealthy class. They turn invisible every few seconds making them great for freeing Aliens inside the Base, however bullets still hit him even if he's not visible.

Forum Troll

Requires Level 7.

Persistent, more resistant to damage, can heal back.

A well-balanced class combining the tank and healer. This class does a good job both outside and inside the Area 51 Base.

Alien Bruh

Requires Level 10.

A total unit. Has all the bonuses available.

Reaching Reputation Level 10 awards the player with the Elite Class - the Alien Bruh. This class has all the bonuses of the other classes: fast speed, a lot of HP, invisibility and healing.


The controls are very simple: the character always runs towards the mouse cursor.


  • Each class has its strengths and weaknesses, decide what to play based on that.
  • At low level farming in the Area 51 Base is a good idea to avoid a fast death. With good reflexes the bullets are very easy to dodge.
  • To get inside the Area 51 Base make sure to coordinate your attack with other people, at least some of you will get in. They can't stop all of us!


JeFawk Games, the developers of Area 51 Battle Royale would love to hear suggestions or bug reports from you. They can be contacted here.