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<Game name> is a free mobile friendly pvp io game that plays in your browser.

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The Barbarian class in is the default class everybody can play with. He has 50% more stamina than other classes.


The Barbarian is the first class and is unlocked by default for new players to play with. The advantage of playing with a Barbarian is the 50% more Stamina which means you can Sprint for way longer. This class is great for beginners since the Sprint allows you to escape danger quite fast.

In you can unlock the Tank class. The Tank has 50% more armor than other classes making it great survival.


The Tank is the second class to unlock in He has 50% more armor so it's a great choice if you like to take hits and survive. is a fun io game with magical creatures called Chompers. This Chomper is named Algo.
Arena io game having the character named Boolbo.
Cochi is the cute character with green tongue in
Cucu is an electric Chomper in
If you like nature, Didi is the character for you to play in
In you can play with a bacteria-like character named Diof
Ebiv is a Chomper with Horns, however he does not charge with them in the cute io game
Eliv is the evolved Ebiv Chomper.
Looking like Mickey Mouse but in the world is a character called Fiffi.
Gally looks like a Chomper from outer space in, a funny io game.
With rainbow ears, Ginni can surely make some funny magic happen.
Jobbo is a pretty crazy Chomper, but he's alright.
Lugi is a more earthen Chomper.
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The controls are the usual WASD keys or arrow keys and the mouse for aiming. ??

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<Game name> was developed by <Studio> which also developed the famous <Game name - internal link>, the game about <short description>.


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Game updates & patch notes

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Mobile stores and other platforms

Zombs is a mobile friendly game for people to enjoy it no matter their devices. Find it on your favorite store using the buttons below: apple store download link google play store download link