People that help us create extremely cool/horrible stuff!

Frostnight Illustrations

Frostnight Illustrations logo, an illustration company

Also acts as the 2nd main developer and designer at JeFawk Games. Frostnight provides us with great art and if it's not great enough it means it wasn't hers.

She is also a dedicated writer and creates art so shoutout to all her stuffs:


Erigato from Erigato.Space logo

Our amazing partner developer and the first contact we ever made in the multiplayer space of game development. We mentor each other and manage to make pretty bad ass things!
Erigato excels at using tools to get the job done and contacting just the right people to get his projects out in the world. Check out the games he made on his website.

Adam Alake

Adam Alake Music Composer logo

We got some soundtracks from Adam Alake such as the one in and Dragz and we're sure to get more! He's a great artist to work with, very flexible and affordable while not cutting corners when it comes to quality.

His music can be found on his website.

Ossama "skymen" Jouini

Ossama "skymen" Jouini is a Construct senior developer offering consultancy. He worked with JeFawk Games to bring networking to

The networking of our most recent games was made possible by Skymen. We moved away from peer to peer Photon to a dedicated server with his help. He also made a hack to bypass games getting paused while in the background which for multiplayer is obviously not a desired behavior.

He offers consulting and is probably one of the best Construct developers we've had the pleasure in working with. You can find contact information on his website.