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GameGalaxy.Games is a browser game platform only with handpicked high quality games.


GameGalaxy.Games is a browser game platform featuring only handpicked games which live up to our high standards. All the games we select can be played instantly in your browser for free without additional installs and compared to other game platforms, here we don't use annoying ads, popups asking for notification permissions, location permissions or other distractions.

Our platform works on any device so if you're on the bus, at school, home or at work you can easily jump in and play something. We have fast games that don't require more than a minute to get into such as or Candy Reaper and also longer session games that you can play for hours like and  Zombs Royale. is a fighting arena game about evolving your character, and thus your weapon.
Player growing, often used in .io games is a fast paced fighting game that plays in your browser. It's an .io game about evolving a hero from a tiny warrior to the biggest and mightiest King of the whole arena. The gameplay is very easy to start with but hard to master. As players level up, they evolve and grow. Everybody dies in 1 weapon hit and usually the largest players have the biggest advantage, but being bigger also means slower. is a savage arena game in which you level up your character from a simple peasant to the most bloodthirsty Barbarian anyone has ever seen. is an entertaining survival io game that's all about building your base, securing your defenses and surviving the most Zombie waves you can. That happens by collecting weapons, leveling up and bringing a friend or two.

Building in

Building in is done by acquiring the required Level, gathering the needed resources and not going above the build limit, however this limit increases with levels, so it's all down to leveling and gathering resources.

Leveling up in is done by most activities such as:

  • Gathering resources
  • Shooting Zombies (the game promotes accuracy so it rewards players with Experience per bullet hit)
  • Killing Zombies
  • Making buildings

Leveling up awards players with resources, weapons, increased building limits and other weapons.

Zombs Royale

If you ever played games like PUBG, Fortnite or Apex Legends then you have a good idea of what Zombs Royale is all about. Zombs Royale, or is an amazing battle royale game! You get parachuted down on a map with 99 more players, you gather weapons and build your arsenal and survive as long as possible. The gas cloud makes everyone head to a specific part of the map so you'll never run out of enemies to kill.

History of browser games

Browser games are games that play in your browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Edge, Internet Explorer, Yandex, etc.) which do not require any installation and are often free to play. The advantage of browser games is that they can be played in a matter of seconds, depending on how complex and art-heavy the game is.

We recommend the Chrome Browser if your computer is mid range and above or the Yandex Browser if your computer is a bit weaker. Yandex is based on the same technologies as Chrome, just that it's way more optimized for low end computers so the browser games will run faster on it.

Browser games started being noticed with the appearance of Macromedia Flash in December 1996. Allowing for making and scripting animations, Flash was the easiest go-to software for game developers, inexperienced or professionals alike. With such an easy to use yet complex tool, hundreds of developers started making free games on Flash that would play in people's browsers, back then, equipped with the standard Flash Player.

Unfortunately Adobe, the owner of Macromedia Flash, announced it will end support in 2020 due to certain security issues (and competition as browser companies did not like more software needed to run a website). And so the adoption of the HTML5 Technologies took place.

HTML5 stands for the newest internet standard of coding. It's composed out of HTML (the markup language websites are written in) + CSS (the layout part of a website which makes it look pretty) + JS (JavaScript being the programming side).

Nowadays HTML5 games are often found as it's the newest standard of browser game development. They run smoothly (more or less) in your browser and cross device, come in different shapes and forms, from single player physics puzzles such as WinterSmash to multiplayer co-op survival building games such as